Welcome! As you may know, my candle-making comes in somewhat unexpected bursts and my stock sells quickly!  If you'd like to be on my VIP list and be the very first to know when they are available for purchase, just enter your name and your email address below.  I'll never send you spam, just candle info when it's available!  xoxo, Sara
Hand-Poured in Idaho
I've always had a love affair with beautiful candles and inviting scents, and my candle company is a creation showcasing that interest with my passion for the creative arts.  I not only hand-pour each candle in my Idaho studio, but I also watercolor the label designs and hand-letter the text.  Care is taken each step of the way!
  • I only use 100% cotton, lead-free wicks.
  • Amazing Scents are free of phthalates and other harsh chemicals.
  • Each candle is made individually by hand. 
  • Beautiful Design  makes them great for gifting!
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